How to introduce your self


The conversation below is the example of introducing your self to another people


A            :Hi, I am Aminah. I am from Madura. I am 18 years old. I am student of IDIA of the first semester. My major of study is Dakwah. I have some hobbies, they are singing, reading and traveling. And who are you?

B            :Fitri. I am fromSurabaya. I was born inJakartain first of June 1993. I am student of IDIA of the seventh semester. My field of study is Tafsir Hadits. I like fishing and writing very much. Blue is my favorite color, but sometimes I also like yellow, but still, I prefer blue than yellow. I have an idol, she is Miss Aisyah, my teacher.

A            :Can you tell me about Miss Aisyah?

B            :Certainly, Miss Aisyah is tall and slim. Her students like her very much because she is warm and friendly. She is also punctual and always respect all people including her students.



Physical appearances




Good looking

Ugly à plain


Height and build

Tall and slim

Medium height

Short and fat

Medium height and muscular

Thin, skinny à slim

Fat à overweight







Light brown

Dark brown



Special features

Pale skin (white skin)

Dark skin

Broad shoulders

Having beard, moustache, tattoo, spot/ mole, birth mark,



Warm and friendly      >< cold and unfriendly

Kind                            >< unkind

Nice, pleasant              >< horrible, unpleasant

Generous                     >< mean

Optimistic                   >< pessimistic

Relaxed and easy-going          >< tense

Sensitive                      >< insensitive

Hard-working             >< lazy

Punctual                      >< always late

Clever                          >< stupid, thick

Reliable                       >< unreliable.


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