English Placement Test

English Placement Test



I. Reading

Read the text carefully to answer the following questions

What is Islam?

By word, Islam means safety. The believers of Islam naturally should think and do safety. Safety also means peaceful. The safety concept in Islam is safety for all: life in the natural world and safety in the ‘life after death’. It is the main objective of Islam. When people have believed in Islam, he or she should be committed and consistent to build peace in his/ her mind and peace in his/ her community. To reach the objective, Allah The Only God in Islam the most merciful and the most compassionate revealed completed commandment to the Messengers. There were about 25 Messengers of God, from Adam AS (peace be upon him) to Muhammad SAW (may Allah bless him and give him peace). They were the selected prophets from more than three hundred number of the prophet of Allah SWT (praise to be The Almighty).

The rule of Allah, in Islam is called Sunnatullah, is divided into two kind of Sunnatullah: textual rules and natural rules. The Allah rules are stabled for all times. The textual rules usually called holy book: the book of the holy Psalm, the book of holy Torrah (the old-testament), the book of holy Gospel (the new-testament), and the book of holy Koran (Al-Qur’an). The Islam believes all of the original holy books. So that, the Islam, was committed with Allah SWT rules to always keep the original of the holy Koran. No changes on Al-Qur’an from the beginning until now.


  1. How does the writer define Islam?
  2. What is the main objective of Islam?
  3. What should the people do when they has believed in Islam?
  4. What is sunnatullah?
  5. Mention the original holy books believed in Islam!


II. Structure

Choose the correct answer in parentheses

  1. There (is, are) some interesting pictures in today’s newspaper.
  2. The door is (locking, locked).
  3. I am thirsty, I need some (water, waters) to drink.
  4. I (am, was) born inJakarta.
  5. They always (come, comes) late to the class.




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